11 Investigates: Local Man Frustrated With Neighborhood Roads

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One local man is frustrated with the roads in his neighborhood. He says they are dangerous because they are in such bad shape.

In this 11 Call For Action Investigation, Jack Wilner says in the 20 years he has lived in the neighborhood, the roads have not received any major repair other than an occasional pothole being fixed.

Wilner lives in Colorado Center, just southeast of Colorado Springs. His neighborhood is outside city limits, so the roads are maintained by El Paso County.

"For the amount of taxes we pay, I don't think we're getting the service we deserve or are entitled to," said Wilner.

Wilner tells 11 News some sections of the road are crumbling and he says there is no more asphalt left because the roads are so worn down.

"The roads are in disrepair, they're caving in, they're dangerous. If you drive more than 10 miles an hour on these roads, certainly you're going to end up needing a wheel alignment," said Wilner.

El Paso County Commissioner Dennis Hisey says he has seen these streets, and knows they are in bad shape.

"The citizens have reason to be saying we need to do something, we drive these roads everyday and it's not good. In the hierarchy of things, these roads definitely fall into the poor category and we need to figure out how to get them on the list," said Commissioner Hisey.

Hisey says part of the problem is the soil beneath the road has shifted, and so everything needs to be ripped out and replaced.

He says the reason these roads haven't been fixed sooner is a matter of money. He says these roads need a complete overhaul, and not just a cosmetic fix.

"They will not be in good shape until they're completely rebuilt, so whatever we do now is strictly patchwork. Not only are they on the list but they're high on the list, but that still puts them, you know we won't be doing anything major for probably three years," said Hisey.

Every two years, the county hires a company to look at the roads and determine what condition they're in. From that information, county engineers come up with a priority list, which is ultimately approved by El Paso county commissioners.

County officials say the worst roads are not always fixed first. If there are roads that just need routine maintenance, but it could ultimately extend their life, then they will work on those.

If you have a road you want the county to look at, you can send them a request. Just click on the link below and go to the roads tab.