Local Man Gets Suspicious Emails About Overdue Tollway Bill

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In this 11 Call For Action Alert, a local man gets a suspicious email claiming he owes money after driving on the E-470 tollway.

But it's actually a scam, and a way for crooks to get their hands on personal information.

Robert Piccione, who lives in Colorado Springs, got several emails over the course of two days.

The emails appear to be from EZ Pass and say he owes money for driving on a toll road.

There is also a link included that supposedly takes you to where you can pay your overdue bill.

But if you click on the link, the crooks might put a virus on your computer to try to steal your information.

Piccione says he knew right away it was a scam.

"I didn't do this. Haven't been on a toll road and I knew this gotta be bogus," said Piccione.

However he is worried someone else might fall for the scam because a lot of people drive on E-470, especially heading up to Denver International Airport.

"It looked real official," said Piccione.

11 News spoke with an employee with the E-470 tollway. She says the only way they will contact you is through regular mail. They don't have access to your email address or your phone number.

If you have something you want the 11 Call For Action Team to look into, you can call 719-457-8211.