Local Man Gets Answers In Wife's Death After Rollover Wreck

Debbie Wright
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"I had not a clue when my wife left for work that it would be the last time I would see her," said Kenneth Wright.

A short time later Wright got a call from the hospital that left him numb.

"They told me you would need to come down to the hospital, your wife was in an accident," said Wright.

Wright's wife, Debbie, was on her way to work on July 14 when her car rolled on I-25 near Woodmen Road in Colorado Springs. Doctors told him Debbie had a brain aneurysm while driving and lost control. She passed away a few days later.

Wright and his friend, Cathy Laughlin, later noticed a story about the wreck on kktv.com. In the comments section of that story, they learned several people pulled over on I-25 to try to help Debbie.

"Ken said, 'I would love to thank this guy on the comments' and I said, 'Let me see what I can do'," said Laughlin.

Cathy sent an e-mail to us and we aired a story asking viewers to contact us if they knew anyone who had stopped to help. That night, we were able to track down one of those Good Samaritans. That man didn't want to appear on camera, but he did talk to Kenneth on the phone about those terrible moments.

"She never gained consciousness," said Wright. "She wasn't speaking. I wanted to know if she said anything or what happened, did she say anything. But I was told she did not."

It was an answer that Wright says gave him closure and a chance to show his gratitude for kindness of strangers.