Local Judge Back After Threat

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El Paso County Judge Jonathan Walker, is back to work after receiving death threats earlier this month.

He allegedly received the threats from a prison gang that is being investigated in connection to the murder of Colorado’s state prison chief.

The El Paso County security manager Rick Leffler said they were told about the threats against Judge Walker, but told 11 News it's not uncommon for judges to get threats like these.

“Other judges have received threats as well and so when we receive these kinds of threats we do watch a little more carefully,” Leffler said.

Leffler oversees courthouse security and said it's the not the first time, and most likely won't be the last, so they take security very seriously every day.

"Our job is to make sure that no one comes in with weapons," Leffler said.

According to Judge Gilbert Martinez, chief judge for El Paso County, Judge Walker received death threats related to the 211 crew, a prison gang Evan Ebel was reportedly tied to. Ebel is the only suspect in the murder of prison chief Tom Clements. Ebel was later killed in a shootout in Texas.

Martinez said Judge Walker took some vacation time after he got the threats on August 2nd.

"We were informed Judge Walker was coming back today and the (El Paso) sheriff's office is very aware of it he's receiving a lot of protection from the sheriff's office and the police department," Leffler said.

We asked Colorado Springs Police about the extra security and they said it was not being provided by them. We also talked to the sheriff's office who didn't want to comment on Judge Walker's security.

No one is being specific about how the judge was threatened.