Local Filmmaker Catches Highway 24 Mudslide On Camera

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A local filmmaker got stuck trying to get home on Highway 24 Wednesday, watching racing floodwaters and cars getting washed away. He captured the event on video.

It begins with a shot of a car riding a wave of mud.

"That car went on down and went down under the underpass,” said Ed Flanagan. “It was traveling 20 miles an hour."

Flanagan, owner of Manitou Motion Pictures, saw a lot as he was sitting behind the wheel of his car, stopped west of Manitou Springs. His original plan was to stay ahead of the weather.

“I saw the thunderclouds forming over the Waldo Canyon burn scar and thought, I better get home," Flanagan said.

Before he could get there, he saw a black river of muck flowing over the road; his way was blocked, he and others in a precarious place.

"I didn't have anywhere to go, really trying to figure it out but didn't come up with a good solution."

Next to his own safety, Ed worried about the people in the car he captured getting washed away. Colorado state troopers told him they're okay.

Ed now has a new plan when clouds form between him and his home.

“I tried to beat it today, and I didn't win,” he said.

The next time, he'll sit it out.

Ed tells 11 News he spent about 40 minutes stuck on the road. He says the fast action of local first responders likely saved lives during the mudslide.