Local Colorado Springs Run Dedicated To Boston

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Thousands locally are continuing to keep the Boston victims and families in their hearts and mind.

Tuesday, hundreds of runners showed up to the weekly Jack Quinn run in downtown Colorado Springs. The group's organizers called for everyone to wear Boston Marathon attire, or red, white and blue to show solidarity with the victims in Boston.

11 News talked to runners who have a special connection to the Boston marathon.

"I’m Caroline and I ran the Boston Marathon in 2012."

Caroline Mchugh is from Boston, now living in Colorado Springs. She told us her dad was working the medical tent when the first bomb went off.

"Pretty scary, I couldn't, I didn't hear from him for an hour and cell phone service was cut off...then my mom actually saw him on TV helping someone and so we knew he was ok," Mchugh recalled.

A teacher, Mchugh wore her 2012 Boston Marathon jersey to school today and in Tuesday night’s run.

We also talked to a mom, Karen Lundin. She was displaying the date of Monday’s tragedy while on her run through downtown. She also has family living in Boston.

"Today (the run) is in honor of people that sacrificed so much...to have that taken away from them," Lundin said.

Hundreds of runners showed up to the run eager to show their support through the shared passion of those affected so many miles away.

"I think the running community is a very strong community, it's a very giving community as well, but it's kind of unfathomable to judge how someone could want to ruin such a great event," three-time Boston Marathon runner Nick Parton said.

Parton is planning to compete in next year’s marathon in Boston.

The organizers of the Jack Quinn Running Club said they're glad to be a place for the running community to come together.