Local Catholics Celebrate Election of Pope Francis

We talked with many of you to see what you think about the new Pope.
For many Wednesday was a day of celebration, thanksgiving, and prayer.

"It's moments like this that make you proud to be a catholic.”

Pope Francis is both the first Jesuit and First Latin American in this position.

“My husband's family is from Mexico. So having a Latin American Pope means a lot to them."

Pastor Francisco Quezada of St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in downtown Colorado Springs was thrilled with the news that the Pope was the first Latin American.

Pastor Quezada is also the Vicar for Hispanics in the diocese of Colorado Springs.

“That he was from Latin America was an expression of the conclave, the cardinal, praying about who would be best,” said Quezada. He adds, “What an acknowledgment of the face of the catholic in the world today and that a large part of that face is Latino or Hispanic.”

Before Pope Francis made his first blessing, he asked for people to pray for him.

A decision Bishop Michael Sheridan of the Diocese of Colorado Springs respects.

“I think that was an act of just his great humility. He knows and any pope learns it pretty quickly, that they’re held up by the prayers of the people and he wanted that from the beginning” said Bishop Sheridan.

Bishop Sheridan says he was overjoyed by the news.

“I think this is a man who brings so many gifts. He’s an excellent theologian, he’s a man of great simplicity and humility,” said Bishop Sheridan.

Mass was held at churches across Southern Colorado. They celebrated with thanksgiving and by praying for the Pope.

"I hope it's great for the Catholic Church and brings our faith back and makes us a little stronger."

Monsignor Donald Dunn of St. Benedict Catholic Church in Security was there in the square 54 years ago, when John XXIII was elected.

“Francis reminds me of John XXIII. And I've been praying for a Pope like John the 23rd, so my prayers were answered,” said Monsignor Dunn.

Most people we talked to were surprised the decision came so quickly. But tell us they’re happy with the choice.

Pope Francis takes over for Pope Benedict who was the first to resign in 600 hundred years.