Local Boy Has Brain Damage After Near Drowning

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11 News has an update on a local boy found unconscious in a hot tub.

His foster mother has been charged with misdemeanor child abuse after he nearly drowned.

On October 5 of last year, 5-year-old Jayden Huller was found facedown in a hot tub at the Grand Lodge in Breckenridge while his foster family was there on vacation.

We talked to his biological parents as well as his foster agency. They say he now has brain damage. This is heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Before the accident, Jayden Huller was a bright-eyed talkative boy, who was always smiling. Now he is hooked up to oxygen and his biological mother says he cannot talk or move on his own. The most Jayden can do is open his eyes.

“I can't even look at pictures from before or videos. He had so much potential, such a good kid,” Crystal Huller said.

At the time of the accident Jayden was in foster care with Jamie and Bianca Krokofsky. According to the police report we obtained, they were on a weekend trip at a resort in Breckenridge. Jayden and his younger brother were playing in the pool area, with Bianca nearby. The foster agency explained how this happened.

“They were getting out of the pool, Mom checked to make sure everyone got out of the pool. They were heading to the picnic table to eat sandwiches. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, Jayden was missing,” Ross Wright, Director of Hope and Home explained.

Police say his brother found him facedown in the hot tub and he was rushed to the hospital. His biological mother says nothing can undo this tragic accident.

“Basically, he's going to be like this for the rest of his life where he can't do anything himself," Crystal Huller said.

The foster agency says the foster parents were planning to adopt Jayden and his little brother. At this point Jayden is medically stable and is ready to be released from the hospital. But now a judge will ultimately decide where he lives next.

The biological parents say the boys were placed in foster care because of problems the parents had in the past.

The foster agency says that the Krokofskys have been advised by their lawyer not to talk. Bianca Krokofsky will be back in court next month. We will let you know what happens.