Loaded Gun Found At Springs Airport

MGN Online

A loaded firearm was found at the Colorado Springs Airport Thursday night.

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the .22 caliber Derringer revolver was found during screening at the airport's security checkpoint. The revolver was holding five rounds. It was immediately confiscated, and the passenger was cited. TSA officials say they believe the passenger forgot he was carrying it.

A TSA spokesperson tells 11 News that it will up to Colorado Springs police whether the passenger faces any criminal charges. The passenger could face up to an $11,000 fine as a civil penalty.

"These mistakes can be embarrassing and costly in the end; the TSA can level a civil fine against this person," Lt. Buckley with CSPD told 11 News.

The TSA says this is the second firearm their officers have found at the airport's security checkpoint this year. Three were recovered in 2013. The TSA reminds passengers that while firearms can be declared and then transported via checked baggage, they cannot be taken on airplanes.

“Firearms and ammunition, along with firearm parts and realistic replicas, are always prohibited in carry-on bags,” TSA spokesperson Carrie Harmon said. “Passengers should check their bags before coming to the airport to ensure they are not bringing these or other prohibited items.”