Pregnant Woman, Unborn Baby Survive Lightning Strike

A pregnant woman is breathing a sigh of relief after a close encounter with lightning.

Stephanie Alberti tells 11 News that the biggest thing on her mind when lightning struck the Aztec Family Raceway was her unborn child. She's 14 weeks pregnant.

"It was very, very scary," she tells 11 News.

Lightning struck the raceway, located on Highway 94, on Sunday.

"Everything went white, and then everyone kind of started panicking,” Samantha Fitzgerald, with Colorado Motorcross Medics, said. “People were going down."

No one was hit directly, but they did come in contact with it. Stephanie's mother tells 11 News that she was leaning against a metal post, timing her husband on her cell phone when lightning hit. Her husband was racing at the time.

Stephanie was temporarily paralyzed, but is now okay. She tells 11 News that she feels good considering the circumstances.

"My family could be sitting here, and I could be at some funeral home, you know,” Stephanie said. “We could have lost me, the baby. We could have lost my daughter, my sister-in-law. It's really an eye opener of how precious life is."

Her sister-in-law is also grateful that things turned out the way they did. She made a split second decision to get Stephanie’s young daughter to safety rather than stay by her side.

“I have a two year old—she needs to get inside, but my sister is on the ground,” Brianna Alberti said. “It's the worst situation."

She was able to direct paramedics to Stephanie before going inside. They rushed her to the hospital.

"I had a whole crew working on me when I got to the hospital,” Stephanie said.

She calmed down once the doctors said they heard her unborn child's heart beat. Stephanie calls the strike a freak accident.

"None of us were prepared for what happened,” she said.

Four others were also injured when lightning struck. 11 News has been told that none of the injured were standing close together. Medics said some were on the track, others in the parking lot.

Calls to the track's owner about whether the race should have been canceled earlier were not returned.