Letter Rip In Pueblo

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If you have old bank statements and credit card bills to get rid of, you can shred them for free at "Letter Rip."

KKTV 11 News is partnering with the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, Bestway Disposal, Mobile Record Shredders and American Furniture Warehouse to put on the event.

It will be Friday, August 8th at Sam's Club in Pueblo. That is located at 412 Eagleridge Boulevard.

The event is happening from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. It is free for the first five bags or boxes, and after that it's $5 dollars per bag or box.

Experts say shredding sensitive documents is a great way to prevent identity theft.

"We always make sure to protect our documents that have any personal information, name, address, social security number, bank account information. All of that we want to make sure we destroy properly so that it doesn't get into the hands of the wrong people," said Matt Barrett, the CEO of the BBB of Southern Colorado.

Donations will be accepted to support the BBB's scholarship fund. For every dollar that is donated, American Furniture Warehouse will donate a dollar.