Letter Reveals Neighbors' Voting History

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Vote audits are showing up in mailboxes throughout Colorado Springs.

Inside the letter it lists your neighbors full name, address, and whether or not they voted in the 2004 and 2008 election.

Who you voted for is private, but whether or not you voted at all is public record.

Nicole Bank received one and she says it could be too intrusive.

"It offers information that maybe other people wouldn't like their neighbors to know,” Nicole Bank said.

The voting audit was sent by an organization called Americans for Limited Government. Their address is in Virgina. They are described as a non-partisan nationwide network.

"Limited government would be on the conservative side so I would imagine for whatever reason that's who's putting it out,” Paul Banks said.

So is this a voting tactic to push people to the polls?

"It's a good idea if their trying to gain more voters because peer pressure might play into it,” Paul Bank said.

"And I told my wife and she was like well that's a waste of money and I was like exactly. Why do I care what other people do? It's their right to vote or not,” said Joshua Sneller.

11 News tried contacting Americans for Limited Government Group Monday night but there was no answer. We left a message with their spokesperson.

In the audit letter, Americans for Limited Government says they plan to send an updated vote history after the November election.