Law Enforcement Reacts to Legalizing Marijuana in Colorado

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11 News spoke with law enforcement from across southern Colorado to find out their take on the passing vote for Amendment 64 to legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state.

Officers and deputies say there is a long road ahead before we'll start to see this vote affecting our lives. One Colorado Springs police officer tells us he isn't sure if legalizing marijuana will make his job easier or tougher at this point.

Colorado Springs Police Chief Pete Carey issued the following statement to 11 News about Amendment 64: “Obviously my job is to ensure the will of the people is carried out. At this time I have more questions than answers since this is an apparent violation of Federal law. I’m concerned as to how this will affect various aspects of the police department and our community; the most serious concerns being the impact on Traffic Safety and Child Safety. I trust the State will define the parameters for implementing this in the most responsible manner.”

Police say marijuana dispensaries across the Colorado Springs area continue to be targeted by crooks overnight. They say they aren't sure if this vote will affect the amount of these crimes in any way, but it is a trend they will keep an eye on.

As for right now, police officers and deputies in southern Colorado say it will remain business as usual.