2 Officers Injured In Crash While Pursuing Suspects

Two officers were injured Friday morning while trying to apprehend two suspects driving stolen vehicles.

The Fountain Police Department says it received two calls between 5:22 a.m. and 5:43 a.m. regarding vehicles being stolen from the 7300 block of Countryside Grove and the 7300 block of Little Jimmy Grove. One was a 2009 Subaru and the other a 2014 Chevrolet Malibu.

Thanks to an Onstar inside the Malibu, authorities were able to track the travel direction the two suspects were headed. Officers caught up with the Subaru at the intersection of Bobtail and Metropolitan. The driver didn't stop, continuing up Metropolitan--and rammed into two police cruisers.

"The two [squad] cars were pretty torn up," Deputy Chief of Police Bill Elder told 11 News.

The officers were injured, but Elder said the injuries are not serious. The suspect who crashed into the officers was taken into custody. She has not been identified.

After the crash, the second suspect sped off, driving off-road towards Fontaine. One of his tires eventually separated from the wheel, and he ditched the car near Security Boulevard and Fontaine. Police were able to track him with the help of a police canine, and took him into custody at 7 a.m. He has also not been identified.

Both suspects sustained minor injuries.

Police say seven officers from the Fountain Police Department, deputies from the El Paso County Sheriff's Office and troopers from State Patrol all responded to the call.