Last Balloon Glo Doesn't "Glo" As Planned

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Sunday night was supposed to be the last night for the Colorado Balloon Classic Glo, but it didn't happen because of the wind.

This would've been the last one to happen because it's the last year for the Colorado Balloon Classic in Colorado Springs.

11 News talked with Patsy Buchwald, president and CEO of the Colorado Balloon Classic, she told us without a doubt, this is the last year she'll be running the classic in Colorado Springs. She did however, add that someone could buy her company or that another organization could come in and run the classic in the future.

Thousands gathered in Memorial Park Sunday night hoping to see the last Balloon Glo.

“It is kind of disappointing, but at the same time just seeing everyone out here in a good family atmosphere. It was pretty good, it kind of balances out,” Larry Jones said.

“They always do a good job making it worth it; even though we can't see the balloons they always make it festive and upbeat for everybody that's here to celebrate," Tabitha Riley added.

Instead of glowing balloons filling the park, spectators saw pilots set off the fire, normally used to pilot their balloons, to light up the night sky.

Earlier this month, organizers of the balloon classic decided this year would be their last in Colorado Springs.

We talked with Michael Scott, who pilots The Spirit In De Skies. He travels 600 miles to the Springs every year for this event, and said it will be missed.

“For many years, for a lot of pilots, it's been a regular event on Labor Day weekend, we go to Colorado Springs, that is just the way it is,” Scott said. “It's been like that for many years, so I hope they're able to work out whatever's going on with that, or another event comes along because we love coming to the area we love sightseeing."

Buchwald said there wasn't any one specific reason that the organization pinpointed for them to leave. It was a combination of things. She said it was a decision that had been coming for a couple of years, and an emotional one they had to make.

Buchwald said other cities both in and out of state have offered to host the classic. She said the board will meet in November to make a decision over if or where they’ll move the event.