6-Foot-Long Lizard On The Loose For 4th Day

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It may sound like it would hard to miss a 6-foot lizard, but Dino the Nile Monitor lizard has manged to elude the public for four days.

Dino went missing from his home in Woodland Park Monday morning, prompting the Teller County Sheriff's Office to send out a reverse 911 call to warn residents of the community to be on alert for a possibly aggressive animal.

Dino's owner, Greg, who did not wish to give his last name, stressed to 11 News that despite appearances, the lizard is harmless.

"They look mean, they look aggressive, [but Dino] is not an aggressive animal.

"My roommate, he has a 4 1/2-year-old that loves this lizard and is sad that it's gone," Greg continued. "So like I said, he's a very mellow lizard; he doesn't bite."

He said there's no need for residents in his Woodland Park neighborhood to worry.

Greg's neighbor, Holly Liley, said she feels a little uneasy knowing Dino remains on the loose.

"I'm not like super super worried about it but, um, if I run into him I'd be pretty freaked out. We have a little dog, a little tiny terrier that goes out in our yard and so we're really worried about letting her out and everything," Liley said.

According to the Denver Zoo, it's not only important for Dino to be found so that the public can be put at ease, but for Dino's own safety as well. Despite his size, Dino still has to ward of predators such as foxes, coyotes and mountain lions.

Greg said he keeps Dino outside during the day, and that he still has his harness on and a leash attached. Greg said his lizard got loose once before--around this same time last year--and was gone for two weeks before he was found about 100 feet from his home.

If you do come across this lizard, the best thing to do is call the Teller County Sheriff's Office at (719) 687-9652. They'll come out and get him.