Lamborn (R) Switches Support From Maes to Tancredo

Republican Congressmen Doug Lamborn announced Thursday that he's switched his support in the campaign for Governor from fellow GOP Dan Maes, to American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo.

Lamborn and Tancredo held a joint news conference Thursday afternoon in Colorado Springs.

“I call on my fellow conservatives and Republicans in El Paso County, in the Fifth Congressional District, and across the state and urge them to join me in supporting Tom Tancredo for governor,” said Lamborn. “Tom’s dedication to the people of Colorado, to their future prosperity, and to the cause of freedom is without question.”

Lamborn's support for an American Constitution Party candidate, instead of the candidate for his own Republican party, comes as many GOPs pressure Maes to drop out of the race. Maes has been in the headlines lately for more than just his politics, including questioning about the management of his campaign funds. Tancredo, a former Republican, has asked Maes to stop out of the race several times since the Primaries, but Maes insists, he's not going anywhere.

“These are extraordinary times and they call for extraordinary measures,” added Lamborn. “I don’t expect ever again to ask anyone to support a candidate outside my party, but this is a unique situation. That is why I am asking the people of Colorado to help me elect Tom Tancredo as Colorado's next governor.”

“I’m honored to have Doug Lamborn’s endorsement,” said Tancredo. “We’re in a dead heat with the liberal tax-and-spend John Hickenlooper, and Lamborn’s support in El Paso County will help us cross the finish line ahead of Hickenlooper.”

There's been no public word from Maes' campaign about Lamborn's out-of-party endorsement.