Kind Contributors Make Way For Demolition

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One mobile home has been an eyesore in the Cimarron Hills neighborhood ever since a couple drew up papers to give it away.

A man signed off, promising to remove it last December, but instead he stripped it, ripping out anything of value. He left behind a huge mess for the kindhearted owners to clean up.

Owners Brenda and Robert Piccione say a man named Jose Garcia responded to their Craigslist ad. He reportedly claimed his family was living in a motel and desperately needed a place to live. The Picciones say Garcia signed papers and promised to haul away the home. He later told us he changed his mind. The Picciones were left hanging.

The trackhoe gets to work. Demolition is finally taking place after countless hours of legwork by the Piccones. They asked 11Call For Action to help, and all of us started making calls.

Thanks to the residents and managers at The Springs Mobile Home Park for being so patient and not charging the Picciones for rent.

A big thank you to Alpine Consulting, whose operators conducted numerous asbestos tests. The company submitted the necessary state paperwork, costing several hundred dollars.

Thanks also to Baldwin Demolition and Roll-Off for the demolition and hauling away of the 42 year old home. A job that costs thousands was completely free for the Piccione family.

Son Robbie Piccione says, "No good deed goes unpunished. Thanks to everyone for all the love and support."

Just remember before you give away something substantial, investigate the consequences. The state of Colorado carefully regulates what happens to older mobile homes because of the fear of asbestos. Know the rules before you donate.