Kids Use Ears, Not Eyes, To Find Easter Eggs

It was a special day for a local group of kids, who can’t use their eyes to find Easter eggs, so instead they used their ears.

It’s called a Beeper Basket Hunt, an Easter egg hunt for children who are visually impaired.

“It means a lot to me, because it means a lot to the girls. They get to participate in something that most kids get to every year,” said mother Michelle Koren.

Each basket makes a noise, so the kids can find their way to the basket, and collect their eggs.

Family Worship Center in Colorado Springs came up with the idea to make sure all kids had an equal chance at finding the eggs, and in turn, finding prizes.

“It’s geared toward them. Last year when they were out with their peers, all the eggs were gone before they could find them. So if we could have something like this for the community for visually impaired kids from all over,” said Koren.

The new event means a lot to Elizabeth and Melody Koren.

"Very excited,” said Melody.

“I'm like so excited. It's really cool that we get to do an egg hunt that we can participate in,” said Elizabeth.

The church plans to make this a yearly event.