Kids Dropped Off At Bus Stops Early

Calls came into our newsroom from several parents upset with a local school district.

Students were dropped off at their bus stops early and we're told some of them were left alone.

Morgan Foster is one of those parents, and she told us she’s angry. She said her 6-year-old was dropped off at the bus stop 15 minutes early. He walked three blocks to his home by himself.
Foster said she's upset that she wasn't notified by her son's school in District 11.

"My concern was what if I wasn't home, what if I had someone else picking him up from the bus stop and they didn't know the schedule or whatever, like we didn't even get a phone call to let us know that our kids were released from school early," Foster told us.

District 11 said they had their bussed students leave a little early Tuesday so they could get on the roads before they got any worse, and they wanted to make sure students weren't delayed in getting home. Last week, bussed students got home late because the roads were so bad.

However, the road conditions in some areas weren't as bad as they thought, and D-11 said buses got to their bus stops a few minutes earlier than usual.

District 11 apologized for what happened and said in a written statement: "If this situation occurs in the future, communication with families will be sent regardless of the anticipated drop-off time."