Kidnapping Suspect Jose Garcia Faces Judge

The man accused of kidnapping a little girl from Pueblo appeared in court Monday. The result of that appearance was a scheduled motions hearing for August 22. That hearing will be a precursor to trial.

Jose Garcia, 29, was arrested in downtown Colorado Springs after bolting from the Circle K on Woodmen and Commerce Center, where he allegedly left the victim after she drew attention to the pair as means of escaping. Read more about the kidnapping here.

Garcia is also accused of kidnapping a second child in Pueblo on the same day. Prosecutors say he took his ex-girlfriend's daughter out of school and sexually assaulted her in his home. Both of his victims attend the same elementary school in Pueblo.

The suspect claims that he had two bottles of vodka that day, and forgets or blacks out when he drinks too much.

Garcia faces two separate trials, one for each kidnapping.