Keeping Your Pets Safe This Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July might mean fun and fireworks for you, but it can be one of the most stressful days of the year for your four-legged friends. Experts say there are some steps you can take to keep your pets safe this Independence Day.

Gretchen Pressley with the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region says you should keep doors and windows in your home shut as much as possible. It will keep some of those fireworks sounds out, and keep your dogs and cats safely inside.

If your pets are going to be home alone when fireworks might be going off, try to leave a TV or radio on. It will provide familiar sounds for them, and help to drown out the sound of fireworks.

Make sure your pet has all of the appropriate I.D. tags, licenses, and even microchips, and make sure the information associated with those is up to date. If it's not, even those microchips aren't going to help if your pets get lost.

If you do lose one of your pets this weekend, you should fill out a lost report with the Humane Society right away. That way, even if your pet hasn't showed up there yet, workers will be keeping an eye out for them already.

If you happen to find a stray, you can either call animal control and have them pick it up, bring it in to the Humane Society yourself, or if you want, you can keep the pet with you. If you do chose to keep them with you, be sure and fill out a "found report" on the Humane Society's website ( That way if it's owners come in looking for it, the Humane Society will notify you.

Gretchen says that the best thing for your pet is to be with your pet to comfort them during fireworks, but if you are planning on going out to fireworks display, it's best to leave your furry friends at home, the combination of loud noises and big crowds can be very scary for them.

For more information about pet safety, how to find a lost pet, or even getting a lost pet back to it's family you can go to the Humane Society's website at