Keeping Track Of Car Recalls

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In this 11 Call For Action alert, we are learning about just how many cars are out on the roads right now with some kind of safety recall. According to Carfax, it's about 36 million vehicles nationwide.

Christopher Basso, the Public Relations Manager for Carfax, says it can lead to safety concerns for other drivers.

"These are things that could cause crashes, fires, air bag deployments, real safety issues that could put you and your passengers as well as others on the road at risk," said Basso.

One of the most recent car recalls affects the BMW 3 Series. About 1.6 million cars are being recalled because of concerns with airbag safety.

"The one thing that gets lost about recalls is that they're actually a good thing. They help to maintain the safety and performance and re-sale value of your car. They're vital for that," said Basso.

Before you buy a used car, it's also a good idea to check to see if there are any pending safety recalls. According to Carfax, there were more than 63,000 used cars for sale in Colorado last year that had an open safety recall.

To help keep track of this information, you can download the My Carfax app to your phone for free.

You type in your car's VIN or license plate number, and it will pull up any open recalls, and it will also alert you in the future if a recall is issued for your vehicle.