Keeping Kids Safe Online During The Summer

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In this 11 Call For Action Alert, the Better Business Bureau has a warning for parents to make sure their kids are safe online this summer.

During the summer, kids have a lot more spare time to spend online on computer, iPads and smartphones.

One of the concerns is that scammers are going after kids.

The BBB says scammers will send kids emails asking for passwords and usernames, or if a teenager is trying to download music, a website might pop up and ask for their personal information.

The BBB says the best thing for parents to do is talk to their kids about all the risks.

"As long as parents communicate the importance of not clicking through to these banner ads, not clicking through when they receive an email, and understanding what can happen if they do is very important," said Crystal Johnston, the Director of Marketing for the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

The other two problems that come up when kids are spending more time online are predators and cyberbullying.

The BBB says to keep kids safe, parents need to know what their kids are doing online and who they are talking to.

One website that the BBB recommends for parents to check out is It's a great resource to help set online boundaries and for advice on how to talk to your kids about internet safety.

The BBB also says if your teen has problems with online bullies, or if they are targeted by scammers, you can report it to the BBB.