Juvenile Wanted For Burglary Found Asleep In Car

It's not uncommon for law enforcement to catch up to crooks in their cars--but the suspects are usually awake.

Not this time.

Police finally caught up to a person accused in a string of burglaries on the northeast side of the Springs when they found him sound asleep in his car.

Over the past few weeks, a number of homes in the area of Rangewood and Dublin had been broken into. Though few leads were available at first, residents had been able to provide police with the description of a suspicious vehicle seen in the area. Police amped up their patrols in the area, looking for that car.

Monday night, police spotted it parked off the side of the road on the 5900 block of Mapleton Drive. When officers approached it to investigate, they noticed a juvenile male sleeping inside.

Police say the suspect had locked the doors and refused to come out when ordered to, forcing officers to break a window to pull him out.

Once they had the suspect in custody, police learned there was already an arrest warrant for burglary issued for him. He was taken to the Spring Creek Juvenile Detention Center for that warrant and several other charges. Due to his age, his identity has not been released.