Nozolino Found Guilty Of 1 Count Of Perjury

Bruce Nozolino, a murder and attempted murder suspect, was found guilty Wednesday of one count of felony perjury for lying on an application for a public defender. He was acquitted of a second count of the same crime.

Bruce Nozolino was charged with perjury in 2011 and pled not guilty to both felony counts. He was accused of lying twice about his assets when he applied to be represented by a public defender.

He allegedly omitted that he had a life insurance policy and retirement account totaling $200,000 when outlining his finances. Instead, he reported only $10,000 in assets.

Nozolino is also awaiting trial for murder. In 2008 he allegedly shot and killed Richard Schreiner, the man, who according to court documents, was allegedly having an affair with Nozolino's wife, causing the pair to divorce in 2002.

He is also accused of attempted first degree murder for shooting his ex-wife's divorce attorney John Ciccolella in 2002.

The trial for the murder and attempted murder charges is expected to begin during September.

Sentencing for the perjury conviction is scheduled for September 26.