Juror Discusses Verdict In Waldo Canyon Fire Burglary Case

Belinda Wells-Yates and Shane Garrett

A jury convicts two people of burglarizing evacuated homes during the Waldo Canyon Fire last June.

Belinda Wells-Yates and Shane Garrett were found guilty on all charges. Those include burglary, identity theft and theft.

11 News talked to one of the jurors about the verdict. "It all turned out to be unanimous that it was guilty across the board," said juror Randy Stevenson. "Both sides did an excellent job, excellent job- the prosecution, the defense. It really just boiled down to the facts."

District Attorney Dan May was the lead prosecutor in the case and spoke with 11 News about the jury's decision.

"Our community was in crisis back in June of last year, we had the fire coming over and people being evacuated and you know it was amazing how our community came together. I think we were all shocked to learn some people would take advantage that very night by going in and looting homes."

Wells-Yates and Garret could face between 12 and 24 years in prison for the charges. However, a judge will now have to decide whether or not they are habitual offenders. If found guilty there sentence could increase to a minimum of 48 years in prison.