Jury Duty Scam Going Around Southern Colorado

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Scammers are calling people in Southern Colorado, claiming to be with the 4th Judicial District Attorney's Office.

They say the victim has missed jury duty and now has a warrant out for their arrest. In order to drop the warrant, the victim must put a certain amount of money on a green dot money card, which is a prepaid credit card, and send to the callers.

If the victim says they didn't get a jury summons, the caller asks for their social security number and date of birth to verify the information.

We spoke with Dennis McKinney, the El Paso County Jury Commissioner, about this scam. He says if you miss jury duty you could possibly face a fine, however, you will never get a threatening call.

The Jury Commissioners Office in El Paso County, or for that matter any county in the state of Colorado, would never call you asking for money," said McKinney. "You would get a failure to appear notice from us, asking you to contact us within three business days."

We're told these calls are being turned over to the El Paso County Sheriff and D.A.'s office to investigate.

If you get a suspicious call you want our team to look into, you can make an 11 Call For Action by calling 719-457-8211.