Jury Deliberating In Carrier Trial

The case of a former Colorado Springs police officer accused of molesting young boys is now in the hands of a jury.

Attorneys gave their closing arguments Tuesday morning.

The prosecution argued that skin checks performed by Josh Carrier were done for sexual gratification.They urged a jury to find Carrier guilty, claiming that he abused his position as an officer, a volunteer and a coach.

The defense made their case saying that Josh Carrier performed skin checks for medical purposes. Attorneys argued in his defense that he his decisions were sincere but misguided.

Police arrested Carrier in May of 2011 on charges of Sexual Exploitation of a Child, a class 4 felony. At that time investigators had information that suggested Carrier’s actions were limited to the purchases of commercial child pornography photos.

Police were later able to gather evidence suggesting that Carrier had unlawful sexual contact with minor children and the Crimes Against Children Unit identified multiple victims. He was then re-arrested.

In Carrier's first trial a jury found him guilty on more than 20 counts of having child pornography and not guilty on more than 30 counts alleging he touched the boys.

More than 100 counts were left undecided; the jury is now deliberating in his second trial. They will make a decision on those counts.