Mario Raxon Found Guilty In Kidnapping and Rape Case

Monday afternoon a jury found Mario Raxon of 2nd degree kidnapping and sex assault.

The attack happened in February of 2012.

Raxon is facing up to life in prison when he's sentenced on February 10th.

During closing arguments, prosecutors said Raxon and another man charged in the case planned to rape the girl and allegedly texted about it.

Meanwhile, Raxon's lawyers said there were inconsistencies in the alleged victim's story.

They also attacked the police investigation, claiming detectives didn't start looking into the case until days after it was reported. They also told the jury there is a lack of DNA evidence in the case.

The other man charged in this case, Keenan Miller, was convicted of kidnapping and assault. He was sentenced earlier this week to life in prison without parole.