Juror In Nathan Dunlap Case Upset About Execution Delay

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A member of the jury that sentenced Nathan Dunlap to die is talking to 11 News about the governor's decision to stop the execution.
Steve tells 11 News he is upset with the choice Governor Hickenlooper made.

The trial was held at the El Paso County Courthouse back in 1996 because the judge ordered a change of venue.

Steve was part of the jury that convicted Dunlap and then sentenced him to be executed. He is frustrated that the decision he and 11 other jurors made back then was so easily overturned.

"Why do you need a jury system if the governor can overrule? I was disappointed with the ruling today and I disagree with the governor," said Steve.

Steve tells 11 News the trial was intense. He saw images and heard testimony that he will never forget.

After the trial, he and several other jurors saw a psychologist to talk about the gruesome pictures they saw.

Steve says he has never regretted the decision to put Dunlap to death.

"This was a terrible, heinous crime. No one is speaking for those people that died," said Steve. "I slept well after my verdict, and I still sleep well after 17 years."

Steve is confident that the next governor elected to office will move forward with Dunlap's execution.

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