Judge Grants Defense's Request To Delay James Holmes' Arraignment

James Holmes in court on Jan. 8 (Credit: KCNC/Bill Robles)

Against the objections of 84 victims in the Aurora theater shooting, a judge granted the defense's request to delay James Holmes' arraignment until March 12.

District Judge William Sylvester decided Thursday that there was enough evidence for Holmes to go to trial. Sister station KCNC reports Holmes' attorneys filed papers Thursday afternoon saying Holmes was not ready to be arraigned. An explanation has not been provided.

In an arraignment, the accused party is called before the court to respond to the charges against him or her. Holmes faces more than 160 counts of murder and attempted murder.

Survivors and victims' family members were visibly upset at the news; KCNC reports that one person yelled "Rot in hell, Holmes!" after the judge granted the delay.

11 News is working to get more information from the courtroom.