Jessica Ridgeway's Accused Killer Back In Court

The brutal murder of a little girl shocked the state and rattled the community of Westminster last year.

As the year anniversary approaches, Jessica Ridgeway's alleged killer is preparing to stand trial for her murder.

Austin Sigg, who was 17 at the time of Jessica's death, is accused of abducting Jessica on the way to home, then mutilating her and discarding the body on the side of the road. Sigg has pleaded not guilty to the murder.

Sigg returned to court Thursday for a motions hearing. Sister station KCNC reports that the judge ruled that an adolescent brain specialist can testify at Sigg's hearing, possibly indicating that the defense may try to argue that Sigg suffered brain trauma at some point.

KCNC says that the judge may rule on a request for a change of venue Thursday afternoon.

Earlier this summer, the judge ruled evidence that allegedly implicates Sigg searched websites on child pornography, torture and dismemberment for a year before Jessica's death will be admissible in court.