It's Time To Winterize Your Home

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You may have pulled your sweaters out of your spare closet and are ready to dress for winter--but is your home ready?

Experts say a few simple steps can help cut down on your monthly heating bill.

It’s time to fire up the furnace, and the Laguardia family is ready.

“I’m a native to Colorado so I’ve gone through each winter and it’s something that’s very important, to make sure your heat is ready to kick on,” Reuben Laguardia said.

Laguardia just had a company check his furnace out and replace the filter.

11 News spoke to experts at Home Depot; they say to be sure and check the caulking around your doors and windows to stop drafts.

"If your weather stripping is worn, you may want to come in. We've got foam strip insulation for around the windows,” said Jeff Rhoteo with Home Depot.

Experts also recommend placing plastic over your windows and adding more insulation to your attic.

As for the Laguardias, they say it's peace of mind to have their home ready for winter.

“I want to make sure that my daughter Reece is upstairs safe and sound and warm, not affected by the cold weather we’re getting here in the Springs,” Laguardia said.