Investigators: Woman Buys Gun For Murder Suspect

Investigators tell 11 News they now know how a murder suspect got the gun used to kill Colorado's prison director.

Stevie Vigil allegedly bought the gun in early March from a gun dealer in Englewood just outside of Denver. After she bought the gun, Vigil then reportedly gave it to Evan Ebel.

As a convicted felon, Ebel couldn't legally buy or have a gun.

Ebel is accused of killing Tom Clements at his home just outside of Monument last week. He allegedly rang the doorbell at Clements' home and when Clements answered the door, he was shot to death.

Vigil now faces a felony charge of unlawful purchase of a gun. She faces two to 16 years in prison if she's convicted.

We did a background check on Vigil. This is the first time she's been in trouble with the law.

She's 22 years old and she's in the Arapahoe County Jail Wednesday night.