Investigators Seeking Owners Of $180K Worth Of Stolen Items

Timothy Roath, Audrey Urban

Investigators are trying to find the owners of about $180,000 worth of stolen stuff.

The items were taken from businesses and storage units in Fremont, Custer and Chaffee counties last year. The stolen property was recovered in May 2012 from two large storage units in Fremont County. Items ranged from motorcycles to sporting goods, as well as tools, electronics and household items. The total dollar amount of the items stolen was about $200,000; to date authorities have been able to return $20,000 worth of recovered items.

If you believe some of the stolen property is yours, you are asked to contact the Fremont County Sheriff's Office. A detective will let you see the stolen goods. Property not claimed by July 26 will be sold at an auction in August.

Thursday, Timothy Roath was sentenced to seven years in prison for the thefts. His girlfriend, Audrey Urban, was sentenced last year.