Investigators Search For Pueblo Arsonist

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A community is on edge because someone is setting fires. Investigators tell 11 News they are looking for a serial arsonist.

Authorities released a map that shows a rash of fires on the east side of Pueblo in the area of Hudson and Erie Avenue between 4th and 8th Street. Fire investigators say there has been a cluster of 14 fires in the last few months.

Another fire was set Wednesday morning.

The Pueblo Fire Department says the fires were started in several vacant homes and in trash in back alleys. On Wednesday night, the Fire Department held a town hall meeting to get the word out and encourage the community to help put a stop to this.

“Just this morning, there appears to have been another one started with flammable liquids, very suspicious; police say it's probable arson. The irony is that it happened the day of our town hall meeting,” said Pueblo Fire Chief Chris Riley.

No one has been hurt at this point, but neighbors are concerned that will change.

If you see anything suspicious in that area call police.