Investigators Search Black Forest Home

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Investigators continue to work on finding a cause for the Black Forest Fire. Tuesday, a home was searched and photographed by some El Paso County Sheriff's investigators.

It's the first we've heard of any specific house being searched. The home is on Falcon Road just north of Shoup Road.

Howard Tilton lives across the street; he told 11 News a couple just bought the home about four to five months ago.

"They just bought the house, they're renovating it and have workers in there on and off," Tilton said.

Tilton told us some of the investigators were taking pictures on the roof, even looking down the chimney.

"There was a sheriff's detective there, and we later learned about 20 minutes later that there was a search warrant about to be...they were actually going to execute a search warrant," Tilton said.

The home is near where it's believed the fire started. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office said it was a part of the overall investigation.

"The investigators let the workmen back in afterward so you can surmise from there what that means. It was a place of interest but I don't think it started there...but I’m not a fire expert," Tilton said.

The Sheriff’s Office told us as of now, there is no new information about the cause of this fire.

"We want to know what the heck caused this, we were here the week before and the week leading up to it and we heard no lightning in this area," Tilton said.