Investigation into a Registered Sex Offender's Past

Barry Burrous
Credit: Fremont County Sheriff's Office
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CANON CITY, Colo. 11 News learned why years went by before the registered sex offender, Barry Burrous, was arrested. We started looking into Barry Burrous' past after he was arrested a few weeks ago after he was spotted outside a school.

Investigators said Barry Burrous was waiting outside McKinley Elementary School in Canon City, watching the children and quote, "waiting for the right one".

We spoke with Heather Petersen, a mother whose children attend McKinley Elementary, right after Burrous was arrested. She said, "This is the school where my kids go to school. We were sitting right there when that disgusting man was here looking at kids."

Burrous was arrested because deputies said he was violating his probation from a previous sex assault conviction. He is on probation for molesting two girls between the ages of 15 and 18.

According to Barry Burrous' arrest papers, two young girls reported Barry Burrous was sexually abusing them in 2004. However, he wasn't arrested until 2009.

The arrest papers show the young victims told a case worker from the Fremont County Department of Human Services they were being abused back in 2004. The papers also say the girls reported Burrous was still touching and raping them in 2006, and again, in 2007. Finally in 2009, investigators secretly recorded Burrous admitting to abuse during a phone call.

So why did it take all those years? 11 News asked Florence Police Chief Michael DeLaurentis for answers. DeLaurentis said he wasn't with the department at that time, so he can't explain it.

11 News asked for the police reports, but we were told the Fremont County District Attorney isn't releasing those records because of the current investigation.

Barry Burrous had worked for the City of Florence from 2006 to 2010 in the Public Works Department.

11 News was able to speak with one of Burrous' victims. She's an adult now and said she wants to see him locked up for good. She said that no one believed her for all those years.

When Burrous was convicted in 2010, he was sentenced to 26 years to life in prison, but there was some kind of mistake that happened during his trial. Burrous was able to appeal his case and his sentence was reduced to probation for 10 years to life. He did serve about 2 years in prison and about one year in jail. He got out last April.

Burrous next court appearance for his recent arrest will take place next week.