Investigation Shuts Down "Reflection Cottages" At El Pueblo Permanently

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State investigators are forbidding a teen treatment center from putting its charges in effective solitary confinement.

The staff at El Pueblo boys and girls ranch temporarily suspended the use of what they call "reflection cottages" during a Department of Human Services investigation.

Today, May 7, we learned that the state has ordered the program to stop sending youth to the "reflection cottages."

D.H.S. began investigating the facility after receiving a letter from the American Civil Liberties Union on April 22nd.

The letter said that several children came forward complaining about the conditions in the cottages. The A.C.L.U. says that the conditions were similar to solitary confinement, and that this violates D.H.S. regulations.

El Pueblo staff would not comment further on the situation.

D.H.S. representatives told 11 News that they have had investigators at the facility several times since receiving the letter as part of the investigation. As a result of that investigation, the state found three violations at El Pueblo.

According to D.H.S. staff only two children were effected by the shut-down of the cottages. They are now being held in other areas of the facility.