Infant Acetaminophen Recalled

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Certain brands of infant acetaminophen are being recalled across the country because they do not have dose markings.

The product name is acetaminophen infant suspension liquid. The dosage is 160mg/2ml. It comes in two and four ounce bottles with a syringe.

It is packaged under the following store brand names.

- Babies R Us batch # 3KK0606
- Equate batch # 3HK0672, 3JK0433, 3JK0594, 3JK0595, 3JK0653, 3JK0673, 3KK0815, 3KK0817
- Rite Aid batch # 3GK0704
- Kroger batch # 3GK0645, 3GK0704, 3HK0671, 3JK0433, 3JK0595, 3JK0653, 3JK0433, 3JK0595, 3GK0645, 3GJ0704, 3GK0595
- Walgreens batch # 3GK0704, 3HK0564, 3HK0671, 3JK0433, 3JK0595, 3JK0610, 3KK0306
- Care One batch # 3HK0564
- Equaline batch # 3HK0672
- Harmon Face Values batch # 3JK0594
- Health Mart batch # 3HK0671
- Healthy Accents batch # 3HK0671, 3KK0606
- Heb batch # 3KK0606
- Leader Drug batch # 3JK0433, 3JK0594
- Meijer batch # 3JK0594, 3JK0597
- Publix batch # 3JK0595
- Topcare batch # 3KK0359, 3KK0494
- Up & Up batch # 3HK0672

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