Infant Acetaminophen Recalled


Certain brands of infant acetaminophen are being recalled across the country because they do not have dose markings.

The product name is acetaminophen infant suspension liquid. The dosage is 160mg/2ml. It comes in two and four ounce bottles with a syringe.

It is packaged under the following store brand names.

- Babies R Us batch # 3KK0606
- Equate batch # 3HK0672, 3JK0433, 3JK0594, 3JK0595, 3JK0653, 3JK0673, 3KK0815, 3KK0817
- Rite Aid batch # 3GK0704
- Kroger batch # 3GK0645, 3GK0704, 3HK0671, 3JK0433, 3JK0595, 3JK0653, 3JK0433, 3JK0595, 3GK0645, 3GJ0704, 3GK0595
- Walgreens batch # 3GK0704, 3HK0564, 3HK0671, 3JK0433, 3JK0595, 3JK0610, 3KK0306
- Care One batch # 3HK0564
- Equaline batch # 3HK0672
- Harmon Face Values batch # 3JK0594
- Health Mart batch # 3HK0671
- Healthy Accents batch # 3HK0671, 3KK0606
- Heb batch # 3KK0606
- Leader Drug batch # 3JK0433, 3JK0594
- Meijer batch # 3JK0594, 3JK0597
- Publix batch # 3JK0595
- Topcare batch # 3KK0359, 3KK0494
- Up & Up batch # 3HK0672