IRS Phone Scam Resurfaces

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We've told you about this before. The scam starts with a recorded message supposedly from the IRS in Washington, D.C.

The recording says, "Return the call before we take any legal allegation against you."

But don't be fooled, it's not the Internal Revenue Service.

Robert Roose of Colorado Springs was shocked, but wrote down everything the woman with a heavy accent told him.

Robert was told, "We will freeze your bank accounts, your credit cards, we can take your home and you may be facing up to a five-year prison sentence."

Robert says he was told to pay $2,566.32 in back taxes immediately. He says the woman was arrogant and demanding, asking for his Visa or Master Card number before eventually hanging up.

"I've gotten some whoppers in the past, but that was one of the biggest I would say," Robert told 11 News.

Just remember this is the only way the IRS will reach out to you: by mail. You won't get a call out of the blue from someone offering to let you make a quick payment using Visa or Master Card.

We learned folks across the country have lost upwards of $4 million in this IRS phone scam.

If you're ever suspicious about an offer, call us first at (719) 457-8211. Our volunteers will be happy to check it out.