Firefighters Continue To Fight Fire Inside Large Building

You might see smoke coming from an abandoned building Tuesday, nearly two days after a building caught fire. Firefighters are still battling the smoldering flames at a former meat packing plant in Pueblo.

The building is located at t he 300 block of Santa Fe Drive.

Both directions of I-25 re-opened late Sunday night at mile marker 98 in Pueblo. Pueblo Police shut it down for precautionary reasons when a fire started at the Alpha Beta Meat Packing building.

Firefighters say they’re having a hard time putting the fire out because of cork that lines the walls once used as insulation. Firefighters say that cork burns extremely hot and slow so it's hard to get in to put it out.

We talked to one passerby who says his family help lay the brick for this building, and it's tough seeing something like this happen.

"it's kind of disheartening to see that happen you know. I’m like everybody else that curiosity to see what's going on and but at the same time, it's kind of like you know, I hate to see that happen,” Jeff Grisham said.

Firefighters say throughout the day, they've been able to push the fire and contain it to just one building. They are working to keep the fire contained in one area of this very large facility. They believe this fire could continue burning into Tuesday morning.

Once the fire is completely out, an investigation will be underway to learn a cause of the fire.

One firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor injuries after slipping on some ice. She has since been released and is doing OK.