Semi Rollover Just The Latest Crash On Tricky I-25 Curve

Credit: Colorado Springs Traffic

Did a tricky stretch of roadway contribute to a rollover crash that closed the interstate for hours?

A semi-truck rolled on I-25 Tuesday morning, spilling its load of pipes across the road. There were no significant injuries, but with the semi blocking the northbound lanes and its load blocking the southbound ones, traffic was knotted in both directions for six hours.

The accident happened between the Bijou and Tejon exits in Colorado Springs, a prominent curve that has proven precarious for many drivers. Tuesday's crash was just the latest crash to occur on that stretch.

Two notable crashes in the same location also involved trucks hauling loads.

In November 2011, a semi-truck carrying lumber rolled after the driver lost control. The driver was reportedly getting onto the highway from the Cimarron entrance ramp when the accident happened. Like in Tuesday's accident, there were no significant injuries.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case a month later, when a milk tanker overturned on the I-25 curve. The driver was killed. Police said in that accident, lighting played a role: thieves had stolen copper wiring from the lights along the highway. When the wiring was restored, CDOT also added the signs with flashing lights, which are meant to alert drivers to take a slower speed.

CDOT has done a number of things to try and prevent accidents there: the flashing warning signs, painted solid lines between lanes, lowered speed limit. None have proven successful in lowering the number of crashes in that spot. Speed isn't the only factor: drivers are also exiting and enter the interstate along that stretch.

That curve isn't going away anytime soon, so the best recommendation for drivers is to use common sense: slow down in that section, use caution when getting on or off the interstate.

As for Tuesday's accident, there's currently no word on what caused the semi to roll.