Hundreds Participate in Evacuation Drill

More than 150 households were up early on Saturday to take part in a mandatory evacuation drill.

The drill was planned for the Broadmoor Bluffs neighborhood in Colorado Springs.

Officials with the Colorado Springs Police say the evacuations for the Waldo Canyon Fire and the Black Forest Fire showed them where they could improve.

"We're going to modify our plans and we're going to learn from our mistakes," said Lt. Sal Fiorillo with the CSPD.

Fiorillo says one of the challenges in the previous evacuation was traffic.

During Saturday's drill they asked all the participants to leave their house at the same time to simulate traffic back up that would be expected during a real-life evacuation.

"It keeps us on our toes, keeps us refreshed on how to deal with things," said Jeff Mitchell with CSPD.

Hundreds of residents did their part to treat the simulation as the real thing.

"You know it's a drill, but at the same time it really starts making you mentally prepare for what could happen," said Susan Zakrajsek, a evacuation drill volunteer.

The evacuees were told to report to Pikes Peak Community College where they had a review of the evacuation process.

"We got the notice last night, 12 hours out, but we didn't get the call this morning. So that's a little glitch," said Sharon Tracer, another volunteer.

Police say they'll be collecting those comments and written surveys to adjust their plans to be better prepared if disaster stike