Hundreds Hold Onto Hope For Missing Dylan Redwine

It was an incredible show of support for Dylan Redwine and his family Thursday. A dinner benefit was held for the teenager to help raised money for his search.

While there were tears and heartache for Dylan, the room was filled with hope Thursday.

Hundreds came to show support for the 13-year-old who has been missing since November 19.

“It's been really sad. I miss him. He was just a funny person who could make you laugh in less than a second,” said Joseph Ceballos, Dylan’s neighbor and friend.

Lewis Palmer High School in Monument was packed, filled with family who loves Dylan, friends who miss him, and even complete strangers.

“We are a close knit community and being a mother of two boys, my heart goes out to Dylan's mother and family,” said Chelsea Stephenson, a mother showing support.

“I look at this Facebook page every single day, just to see if there are any new updates, see if there are any leads, see if they found him,” said Rita Brown, whose 13-year-old daughter knows Dylan.
Wearing “Hope for Dylan” bracelets and blue ribbons, all spread one common message: They’re not giving up.

"We don't want him to be forgotten. We want him to be found, and to be safe and come back,” said Nicholas Kemp.

Dylan’s mother Elaine Redwine says their family will never stop searching.

“He’s our baby, we will never give up hope. We never and will never give up hope. We are trying to stay strong for him,” said Elaine Redwine.

Elaine says the goal of the benefit was not only to raise funds to help fund Dylan’s search, but to continue to raise community awareness. She wants to make sure everyone knows his face and his story, and are keeping an eye out for her boy.

“When time passes, people pass too. And we just don’t want Dylan to pass. We want him to be out there, we want everyone to know his story so that any tip or anything little that can bring him home, will help us bring him home,” said Elaine Redwine.

The mother is grateful to family, friends, and the community who all helped make the fundraiser a success.

“It's overwhelming. I just thank each and everyone one of you for all your support and thoughts and prayers and posts. It's gonna help bring Dylan home,” said Elaine Redwine.

All funds from the dinner, silent auction, and raffle will go towards search efforts to help find Dylan.

The teen went missing from his father’s home in Vallecito near Durango, Colorado.

If you know anything about Dylan’s disappearance, or if you think you’ve seen him, call this
24 hour tip-line: 970-247-1112

Or to remain anonymous visit

You can also visit his Facebook page: