How to Help Firefighters Battling the 8 Mile Fire

There are several donation drop off sites across southern Colorado for those who want to send items such as chapstick, bug repellent, bottled water and sunscreen to firefighters battling the Eight Mile fire.

Donation Drop Off Locations for Tuesday Are:
- Bean Peddler/Red Canyon Cycles- 420 Main Street, Cañon City, CO
- Alco - 1711 Freemont Drive, Cañon City, CO
- Florence Police Department, Florence, CO
- Florence Loaf N Jug, Florence, CO
- Canon City Fire Station off 15th, Cañon City, CO

The most urgent requests Tuesday morning are: Bug Repellent,
Sun Screen - SPF 50, SPF Chapstick, Eye Drops, Contact Cases, Contact Solution, Saline Nasal Spray, Gum/Hard Candy, Benedryl

Donations can also be made through Crosses for Losses via PayPal

For further information please contact 719-494-6584, 719-238-1631 or 719-209-5413 or