How To Protect Yourself Against Coyotes

It’s a growing concern in our community and something we’ve told you about the last few weeks: coyotes are showing up in our neighborhoods and even attacking or killing pets.

That’s why Saturday wildlife officials educated homeowners about the animal.

Coyotes have adapted to our neighborhoods, mostly because they keep finding food or are being fed by people.

These animals can live almost anywhere, so if they find something to eat, including pets near your home, they will come.

And if you don’t scare them away, they will keep coming.

Something one woman we talked to knows all too well.

She lives near Bear Creek Park and her dog was killed over a year ago by a coyote.

Diane Hoff says this year her neighborhood, the upper old Skyway, has seen them more than ever. Her neighbors have seen three or four at a time, several times a week.

"The coyotes scare me more than the bears do. They are so prevalent in our neighborhood right now, I'm just concerned again that they might just come up behind you, when you're in the yard, and who knows what's gonna happen,” said Dianne Hoff.

Wildlife officials say it's important to:

/// Make sure coyotes don't feel welcome
/// Don't have stuff to attract them, like outside pet food, water or trash
/// Protect pets by not letting them outside alone, keep on short leash

If you come across a coyote:

/// Make sure they're not acting strange; they normally shy away
/// Be loud. Clash pots and pans or throw rocks at it
/// Don't turn your back on it, face it and back away slowly

If they continue to be a problem, there are ways to remove the coyotes, whether it’s by a professional trapping it, or if they are threatening life, using lethal force.

For more information about how to live with coyotes, go to the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s website.