Community Support and How You Can Help Jessica's Family

While investigators work hard to find the suspect, community members are showing an outpouring of support for Jessica’s family.

It didn’t take long before the Facebook page, dedicated to the little girl’s disappearance, was flooded with somber reaction and heartfelt support.

Along with comments, a purple ribbon picture is being shared across social media in remembrance of Jessica.

Thousands upon thousands of condolences are being shared not only on the girl’s Facebook page, but people are posting comments on their own personal accounts.

It’s clear by the overwhelming support that this loss not only affects the Westminster community, where the girl was from, but the entire country.

While there are prayers for peace, there are also many cries for justice.

We talked to several in our own community who had heavy hearts after hearing the news.

"It's devastating, it's an emotional impact. We have four kids ourselves and I just can't tell you what goes through my mind as a parent to have to lose one of my children,” said Adam, father of four children.

"I just can't believe someone would do this to a child. It's just sobering to even let your kids outside and play when you hear things like that,” said John and Ginger Aiken.

"What I really hope is when they find this guy they allow her dad to be alone in a room with him, because he deserves that,” said mother Amy Bird.

We can only imagine how the family feels right now.

Along with sending condolences and prayers to Jessica Ridgeway's family and friends during this heartbreaking time, you can also donate.

By visiting you can donate to a PayPal account to help loved ones with any financial struggles they may have after their loss. There is a donation tab on the right hand of the screen.

There are several events across Colorado being held in memory of Jessica.

A celebration of her life will be held in Westminster on Saturday at 2 p.m. It’s at the American Furniture Warehouse on 94th Avenue and Wadsworth.

Also there will be a balloon released and BBQ at Kensington Park in Westminster also at 2 p.m.

Folks in the Colorado Springs community are asked to bring balloons to America the Beautiful Park for a balloon release Saturday at noon in honor of Jessica.

If you want to show your support or share solidarity for the family, you can visit this Facebook page:

You can also help in the hunt for the suspect. Investigators are asking you now more than ever to keep an eye out for any strange behavior in people that live or work around you.

For more details about their suspect and what signs to look for visit here: