Embers Cause Mobile Home Fire

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It was a scary situation for a local family on Monday morning as a fire broke out on their front porch.

At 11 a.m. Monday, fire crews responded to a home on Mid Jones Road in Calhan. That's just north of Highway 94 East. The mother told 11 News she was inside with her four kids when they started to smell smoke.

Ellicott firefighters say the homeowners had placed smoldering ashes from their fireplace into a plastic bucket and set it out on the front porch. They say wind stirred up the embers and started the fire.

The family used buckets of water to get the flames out as firefighters arrived.

"We were in the house, and the next thing I know the whole wall started smoking. We opened the front door and the whole porch was on fire,” homeowner Jennifer Meade explained.

A similar situation happened early Sunday morning when a Colorado Springs man accidentally started a fire on his deck. According to CSFD, the man was cleaning out his fireplace when hot embers fell on the deck.

Fire crews say when you are disposing your wood ashes, it's best to use a metal container with a tight-fitting lid.